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How to Get Service


How to get ServiceAPPLICATION FOR SERVICE: Each prospective customer desiring electrical, water, and/or wastewater service(s) will be required to sign LaFollette Utilities' (LUB's) standard application for service contract, post a deposit and pay the service connection charge(s). This application may be made in person, faxed, or mailed to the prospective customer with the application signatures notarized, two proofs of identity presented, and LUB may make a credit investigation. If you are renting, you will be asked to provide a rent receipt or lease agreement. If you own the property, you will be asked to provide proof of ownership. For new construction, please contact our office for a list of documents to bring when applying for service.

OUTDOOR LIGHTING: LUB offers a complete turnkey job for outdoor lighting for businesses and homes. We offer a variety of lights. For more information contact Steve Baird at or call (423) 562-3316 ext. 1042 or Sharyn Vincent at or call (423) 562-3316, ext. 1041.

DEPOSITS: A deposit equal to approximately twice the highest estimated monthly bill may be required of any customer. An irrevocable bank letter of credit or indemnity bond may be substituted for a deposit.

SERVICE CONNECTION CHARGES: All electric connections for new services, transfers of service, or reconnections of terminated services will require a payment of $30.00. Water connections also require a payment of $30.00. In addition, all delinquent amounts, trip charges and deposits must be paid or satisfactory arrangements made. If, at the customer's request, the connection is made after regular work hours or is guaranteed to be completed on the same day that service application is made, the charge will be $50.00.

CUSTOMER'S WIRING STANDARDS: All electrical wiring of the customer must comply to standards set forth by the National Electrical Code, State of Tennessee, Department of Fire Prevention, or by local city or county codes. All meter locations, for both underground and overhead services, must be approved by a representative of LUB.


TAP FEE CHARGES (effective July 1, 2013):

Water Tap Fees:  
3/4" service


1" service


2" service (compound meter required) $3,500.00
4" or 6" wet tap $1,700.00
8" wet tap $2,100.00
Wastewater Tap Fees:  
6" or 8" sewer tap $825.00
2" sewer force main tap $825.00
Force main tap over 2" Actual cost of labor and materials
Fire Hydrant Installation Fees: $4,000.00
*Directional boring underneath State highway is additional cost and pavement replacement on road boars are additional costs