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Be Prepared Before the Power Goes Out



Be preparedProviding reliable, trouble-free electric and water services is our top priority.  Despite our best efforts, severe weather is a major cause of power outages.  The most troublesome causes are snow and ice which can cause damage that is widespread and difficult to repair.

The first step in preparing for severe weather and/or winter storms and their effects is to simply BE PREPARED. After the power goes off is not the time to discover that the flashlight batteries are dead and there isn't a candle in the house. If you plan ahead, you will be ready for an emergency. A few simple steps, taken NOW, can make a power outage far less trying.

EMERGENCY KIT Include a battery powered radio, flashlight, a supply of batteries for both, candles, matches, and a can opener.
FOOD AND WATER Enough should be kept on hand for several days (check expiration dates periodically).  Plan on a quart of drinking water per person per day.  Have on hand a picnic cooler for use later to store perishables.
FIRST AID KIT Include bandages, disinfectant, aspirin, plus a supply of medications that must be taken regularly (check expiration dates periodically).
BABY SUPPLIES Keep a supply of baby food, canned milk, formula, and disposable diapers on hand.
BACKUP HEAT Plan alternate methods of heating your home.  All fuel should be stored properly in approved safety containers and wood kept in a dry place.  If you heat with natural gas, check to see whether your system requires electricity to operate.  If so, plan another way to heat your home in an outage.
FIRE PREVENTION Have handy a UL listed fire extinguisher labeled for class A, B, and C fires, suitable for use on ordinary combustibles, flammable liquids, and electrical fires. Be sure all family members know how to use it.